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Under the GST law, the idea of a casual taxable person for a one-time event is completely a new provision.

Who is a Casual Taxable Person?

A casual taxable person is a person who is involved in supplying taxable goods or services irregularly in a taxable territory where he does not have any kind of a fixed place for doing business.

The person might also act as a principal or agent in any other volume supply goods or services for the continuance of the business.

If a person undertakes any kind of business activity that is a taxable person under the GST and such business activity is momentary and will last for a short period of time in a state where the person does not have any permanent place of business then he needs to register in such other state as a casual taxable person to successfully undertake the transactions.


The obligation to register under GST takes place when the person is a supplier and the collective revenue in the fiscal year is above the threshold limit of 20 lakh rupees.

Though, there are certain categories of suppliers who need to attain compulsory registration regardless of their turnover. The threshold limit of 20 lakh rupees is not pertinent to them. One such supplier can be a casual taxable person. However, a casual taxable person cannot choose a composition scheme.

It is important for a casual taxable person to attain a temporary registration which is effective for at least 90 days in the state from where pursues to supply as a casual taxable person.

Apart from this, it is also essential for a casual taxable person to make the advance deposit of GST is created on an estimation of tax liability.  


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