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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)


What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

Digital Signature Certificate or DSC is the most important requirement for establishing a private limited company as well as a public limited company in India. However, it is also required by nominated partners of an LLP.

A digital signature certificate is a secured digital key that contains the complete details of the person holding such as date of issuance, name, country, pin code, email as well as the name of the regulatory authority that has approved DSC.

However, DSC is also helpful in reducing the cost, saving time, and preventing the scope of fraud that often takes place at the time of e-filing or statutory filing of the documents.

A DSC is also helpful in confirming the individuality of the director or chosen partner to sign the documents and help in maintaining data integrity. It is mainly utilized for validating the substantiation of the sender who has sent the information.

Types of digital signature certificate

There are basically three types of digital signature certificate including: ย 

Signย  ย 

Sign DSC can only be utilized at the time of signing documents. The most common usage of this is in signing the MCA, PDF file for tax returns as well as other websites.

Signing via DSC provides you the guarantee of not only the honesty of the signer but also the data. In short, you can say that it is proof of untampered as well as inviolate data.

Encrypt ย 

Encrypt DSC is used only at the time of encrypting a document and is often used in the tender portal to assist the companies to encode the documents as well as upload.

This type of digital signature certificate is mainly used to encode as well as send confidentially information.

Encryptย DSCย is perfect for e-commerce documents, legal documentation as well as sharing documents that are extremely private and consist of information that needs to be secured.

Sign & encrypt ย 

The sign and encrypt DSC can be utilized for both signings as well as encrypting. It is suitable for users who want to validate and maintain the confidentiality of the information that is shared.

It is mainly used for filing government forms and applications

Requirement of documents ย 

There is some the requirement of documents for DSC like:

  • DSC application form
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Identity proof of the applicant

Benefits of digital signature certificate

  • Documents that are digitally signed often provide the receiver confidence to be assured about the signerโ€™s genuineness
  • All the data is safe and secured because documents that are signed digitally cannot be edited or changed once they are signed
  • Signing a document digitally is fast and easy when compared to physically signed documents. As a result, both time and cost of printing & scanning documents are saved.

Why choose us? ย 

We, atย, help you to remove all the paper and program document managing for enhancing the performance. By availing of our Digital signature certificate services, you can easily run your business and power document flow.

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