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ESOP :-Employee Stock Option Plan


About This Service

An employee stock option plan or ESOP is mainly a form of payment that is given to employees in order to retain them or to reward them depending upon their performance.

The ESOP is given in the form of company shares to the employees as ownership rights and shareholder of the company. As part of an ESOP scheme, an employee has the right to obtain the shares at a decided price which is also known as the exercise price.  

Why companies implement an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Companies who want to grow their business while justifying the costs will definitely consider an ESOP plan only. There are two major reasons behind this:

The performance of an employee is directly linked to company performance and employee salary. An employee will be able to take the advantage of their ESOP only when the market price of the company is more than the exercise price which means that it is important for a company to grow to shoot the market price of the share.

There is also no substantial upfront cost to the company. The cost to the company in this condition will only incur at the time of the exercise of the option.

Moreover, it’s a win-win situation for companies who want to grow and at the same time mitigate cost because the exercise cost is covered by the employee.   

Benefits of Employee Stock Ownership Plan

There are some amazing benefits of employee stock option plan:

  • By offering a meaningful employee stock option plan, you can easily attract better as well as the talented employee in your organization and also, retain them for a long time
  • Employees have the opportunity to gain some of the financial profits of a successful business. As a result, it becomes easy for employees to make more money that too beyond their annual salaries
  • The employee stock option plan also acts as a means of savings plan and offers outstanding tax benefits.
  • It also helps in serving as a financially rewarding investment for people who have long-term financial plans.   

Why Choose Us?

If you want to take the complete benefit of the employee stock option plan then without having a second thought contact today. We have a team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge about ESOP and ensure that you have a deal that is beneficial for your company and employees.

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