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ETA Certification


What is ETA Certification?

ETA Certification, short for European Technical Assessment, is a standardized process that evaluates the performance and fitness for use of construction products. It provides a common technical language for the assessment of products not covered by a harmonized European standard.

When Does ETA Certification Require?

ETA Certification is particularly relevant for construction products that fall outside the scope of existing harmonized standards. It becomes essential when manufacturers wish to demonstrate compliance and performance characteristics for innovative or non-standardized products.

Importance of ETA Certification:

  1. Innovation Facilitation: ETA Certification fosters innovation by providing a framework for assessing non-traditional or newly developed construction products.
  2. Market Access: It serves as a passport for products without a harmonized standard, enabling access to markets across the European Union.
  3. Reliability Assurance: ETA Certification assures consumers, regulators, and other stakeholders that the product has undergone thorough evaluation for safety and performance.
  4. Harmonization: It contributes to the harmonization of technical specifications across the EU, streamlining processes for manufacturers and regulatory bodies.

Criteria for ETA Certification:

  1. Technical Documentation: Detailed documentation describing the design, production, and performance characteristics of the product.
  2. Assessment of Product Characteristics: Evaluation of essential performance characteristics relevant to the intended use of the product.
  3. Third-Party Involvement: In many cases, involvement of a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) for impartial assessment.
  4. Continuous Monitoring: The product’s performance is often subject to ongoing monitoring to ensure continued compliance.

How to Apply for ETA Certification:

  1. Select a TAB: Choose a recognized Technical Assessment Body accredited for the product category.
  2. Submission of Technical Documentation: Provide comprehensive technical documentation outlining the product’s design, performance, and other relevant characteristics.
  3. Assessment Process: The TAB reviews the documentation, conducts testing if required, and assesses the product against established criteria.
  4. ETA Issuance: Upon successful completion, the TAB issues an ETA certificate, indicating compliance with performance requirements.

How Business Badhega Will Help:

  1. TAB Selection Assistance: Business Badhega assists in choosing a suitable and accredited Technical Assessment Body for the specific product.
  2. Documentation Support: We provide guidance and support in preparing the necessary technical documentation for the ETA application.
  3. Assessment Coordination: Business Badhega helps coordinate the assessment process, ensuring a smooth and efficient evaluation.
  4. Certification Management: Our platform facilitates ongoing management of the certification, including renewals and updates.
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