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GDP Certificate


About This Service

In the integrated supply chain management, the wholesale distribution of medicinal products in an essential activity. If there is a dearth of adequate control, the quality, as well as the integrity of medicinal products, are affected to a great extent.

Good distribution practices (GDP) certification for pharmaceuticals validates the devotion to good distributive practices as well as quality in every aspect of your service.

Good distribution practices certificate is basically a quality system for warehouse and distribution centres that are involved in medicines.

It makes sure that the steady quality management systems are in place during the complete supply chain right from the initial shipment of raw materials to the manufacturing plants, final delivery of finished medications to the end-user.

All the manufacturers of medicinal products need to ensure that all the products are distributed under strictly controlled conditions. Due to this reason, wholesalers, transport companies, warehouses as well as other partners indulged in the supply chain need to be selected very carefully.

Therefore, the supplying wholesale distributor needs to protect all the medicinal products against breakage as well as adulteration.

Documents required for GDP certificate

There are a few documents that are required for GDP certificate are stated below:

  • Batch manufacturing records
  • Bill of materials
  • Protocols
  • Specifications
  • SOPs
  • Training assessments
  • Maintenance recordsย ยท
  • Forms/log sheets
  • Technology transfer document
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Test methods
  • Calibration records
  • Validation documents

Benefits of GDP certificate

  • It helps to offer a quality management system
  • The GDP certificate is helpful in managing the business effectively

Why choose us?

We, atย BusinessBadhega.comย is involved in offering you a valid GDP certificate which ensures that your organization is dedicated to quality in each and every aspect of service. Our professionals also ensure that you are an important partner in the healthcare supply chain.

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