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GST eWay Bill Reg.


What is GST eWay Bill Reg.?

With respect to the e-way bill, there are mainly three kinds of taxpayers or users involved:

    • Registered supplier
    • Registered/unregistered transporters
    • Unregistered suppliers

In order to successfully generate the e-way bills, it is important to register on the e-way bill portal.

Basics of the registration on e-way bill portal:

If registered, then GSTIN of the registered taxpayer/transporter is required

Registered mobile number along with the GST system

For taxpayers/ registered transporters

Below is a complete process for registration on the e-way bill portal by taxpayers/registered transporters:

Step 1:
Visit the e-way bill portal
Step 2:
On the homage tab, go to the registration option and then click on e-way bill registration.
Step 3:
Now enter your GSTIN and the captcha code. After this click on the go button.
Step 4:
Generate an OTP and then verify it.
Step 5:
ย Now you need to create a new user ID and password

For GST unregistered transporters

It is essential for a transporter to generate an e-way bill when the value of shipment of a single supplier is more than INR 50,000 or the value of goods in a vehicle through which the goods will be transported surpasses Rs. 50,000.

However, even if a the transporter is an unregistered one and his value of goods is surpassing the above limit i.e. INR 50,000, it is important for the transporter to generate an e-way bill.

All the unregistered the transporter will be allotted a transporter ID that they need to mention on e-way bills in the place of GSTIN.

Therefore, by doing the registration on the e-way bill portal, the transporter will get a unique transporter ID and unique username to operate on the e-way bill portal easily.

Thus, by following the above-stated process, you can easily get your registration done.

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