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ISO PAS 17712-Security in Cargo Transport



ISO PAS 17712 Certification: Strengthening Security in Cargo Transport

What is ISO PAS 17712 Certification?

ISO PAS 17712 is a certification standard specifically designed for high-security seals used in containerized cargo transportation. It establishes uniform procedures for classifying, testing, and marking these seals to enhance the security of cargo during transit.

When is ISO PAS 17712 Certification Required?

ISO PAS 17712 certification is essential for entities involved in international shipping and logistics. Organizations that transport goods in containers across borders are often required to use ISO PAS 17712 certified seals. This ensures the integrity of cargo and minimizes the risk of tampering or theft during transit.

Importance of ISO PAS 17712 Certification:

  1. Global Acceptance: ISO PAS 17712 is recognized internationally, providing a standardized security protocol for cargo transport across different countries.
  2. Preventing Tampering: Certified seals deter tampering and unauthorized access to containers, safeguarding the contents from theft or sabotage.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Many customs authorities and international organizations mandate ISO PAS 17712 certification for container seals to meet security and compliance standards.
  4. Supply Chain Integrity: The certification contributes to maintaining the integrity of the supply chain, instilling confidence in stakeholders about the safety of transported goods.
  5. Risk Mitigation: ISO PAS 17712 helps mitigate the risk of illicit activities and ensures that cargo reaches its destination securely.

Criteria for ISO PAS 17712 Certification:

  1. Physical Strength: Seals must withstand rigorous testing for strength and durability, ensuring they cannot be easily broken or tampered with.
  2. Tamper Evidence: Seals should exhibit clear evidence of tampering, making it evident if an unauthorized attempt has been made to breach the container.
  3. Marking Requirements: The certification includes specific requirements for marking the seals with standardized information for easy identification.

How to Apply for ISO PAS 17712 Certification:

  1. Choose an Accredited Body: Select an accredited certification body with expertise in ISO PAS 17712 certification.
  2. Seal Testing: Conduct rigorous testing of the seals based on ISO PAS 17712 criteria.
  3. Documentation Preparation: Prepare the necessary documentation, including test results, seal markings, and compliance reports.
  4. Application Submission: Submit the application for certification to the chosen certification body.
  5. Audit and Certification: Undergo an audit by the certification body to assess compliance. Upon successful completion, receive ISO PAS 17712 certification.

How Business Badhega Will Help:

  1. Certification Body Collaboration: Business Badhega collaborates with accredited certification bodies proficient in ISO PAS 17712 certification.
  2. Testing Assistance: Our experts provide guidance and support in conducting seal testing to meet ISO PAS 17712 standards.
  3. Documentation Support: We assist in preparing comprehensive documentation, including test results and compliance reports.
  4. Application Guidance: Business Badhega offers guidance on the certification application process, ensuring a smooth submission.
  5. Audit Readiness Services: Our services ensure organizations are well-prepared for the certification audit, increasing the likelihood of successful certification.
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