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NSIC Registration


About This Service

NSIC registration is attained under the Single Point Registration scheme. It is always better for the MSMEs to acquire NSIC registration in order to get the benefits from the numerous schemes available under NSIC.

NSIC means National Small Industries Corporation whose main aim is to promote, support, and nurture the development of MSME in India. To reinforce the posture of micro, small and medium enterprises, the government has introduced the system for registration under the NSIC.

Any MSME that registers itself under this amazing scheme will get all the benefits connected to the government purchases.

Under the system of NSIC, there are different forms of schemes. All these schemes mainly include a single point registration system, marketing schemes as well as credit rating schemes.

In short, it can be said that all MSMEs who register themselves under the NSIC will attain the benefits of all the schemes present.

What is NSIC?

The NSIC also called as National Small Industries Corporation started in the year 1955 by the Indian government. It is a kind of mini Ratna PSU that works with an aim to raise and uplift the MSME sector in India.

You need to know that NSIC falls under the domain of the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India.

Benefits of NSIC registration ย  By doing NSIC registration, both MSME, as well as small scale industries, can attain great benefits including:

  • ย All the MSMEs that are registered under NSIC often get the benefits of taking part in international trade as well as diverse forms of conventions of the government
  • The MSMEs and SSIs registered under this scheme are also released from the necessity of depositing some form of money
  • Both MSMEs and small-scale industries will be given invitations to attend other exhibitions
  • NSIC registered MSMEs enhance their skills by being a part of numerous skill development training.
  • MSMEs that have NSIC registration are also released from the installment of EMD successfully.

Eligibility criteria for NSIC registrationย 

For the NSIC registration, the below-stated criteria need to be fulfilled: ย ย ยท

  • All micro, small and medium enterprises or any other kind of entities that are registered under the MSMED Act, 2006 are capable of registering themselves under the NSIC system.
  • MSMEs who have just begun the activities also have the right to be part of NSIC registration.

To get your NSIC registration done in a hassle-free manner, contactย

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