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Pvt. Ltd. Reg.


What is Pvt. Ltd. Reg.?

The company is considered as the best option for starting a business in India by startups as well as businesses who wish to experience higher growth ambitions. A Private Limited Company is incorporated under the Companies Act of 2013 and is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

A Private Limited Company is considered as a corporate structure that offers business a distinct legal individuality from its owners. As a result, there are several benefits like protecting the personal resources of the owners from business liabilities as well as the facility to contract in its own name.

Private Limited Company is also the most famous corporate entity that is registered widely across India.

Requirements for registering a private limited company

As per the Companies Act 2013, there are few requirements that you need to fulfill to incorporate a private limited company successfully.

  • Two directors
  • Unique name
  • Minimum capital contribution
  • Registered office

How to register a private limited company onlineย 

Company registration in India will enhance the growth of startups and at the same time offer an additional edge over those who have yet not registered. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs directs the company registration process with rules and regulations created ensuing the law.

Step 1:ย Application for a digital signature, certificate is requiredย ย ย 

Step 2:ย 
Apply for the director identification numberย ย 

Step 3:ย 
Apply for the name availabilityย ย ย 

Step 4:ย 
Filing of the EMoa and eAoA to register a private limited companyย ย ย 

Step 5:ย 
Apply for the PAN and TAN of the companyย ย ย ย 

Step 6:ย 
Issued certificate of the corporation by RoC with PAN and TANย ย ย 

Step 7:ย 
Open a current bank account on the firm name

Advantages of Private Limited Company Registration

  • Safeguards from personal liability and other risks or losses
  • Enhances trustworthiness and belief & influence more clienteles
  • Secures higher credit rating from banks and also offer support from dependable depositors
  • Better capital contribution and outstanding stability
  • Upsurges the potential development for expansion
  • You will have a better image and credibility in the market. As a result, agencies favor dealing with a private limited company when compared to normal partnerships as well as a proprietorship.
  • It is easy to sell a private limited company because few documents and fees are needed.

Therefore, you can take the help ofย Businesses Badhega.comย to register your private limited company that too at a competitive price.

Note:- Fee Plus Government Charges addon & as per actualย 

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