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Society Reg.


What is Society Reg.?

A society is considered as the non-governmental organization in India that can be registered to operate on the state level or national level for different purposes like promotion of culture, art & music, educational, religious as well as charitable.

Under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, the registration of a society is done in India. In order to form a society, you require at least seven people with common determination who will come together and accept a memorandum of association as well as bylaws for the smooth functioning of the society.

Several state governments have implemented The Societies Registration Act, 1860 as an operative tool to enhance the registration of societies and to make sure that there is better maintenance of the society according to the law.

Mainly, there are two types of society, one is National Level Society and another is State Level Society. In order to form a society successfully, there is a requirement of at least seven people and all should possess a common purpose.

But in the case of a national level society, the members or the keen person need to denote seven different states. However, you need to know that the process of registering NGOs as society varies from state to state.

Documents required for Society Registrationย 

Documentation of the society registration

  • Two color photographs
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Valid identity proof
  • Latest address proof
  • Signed MOA & By-Laws
  • Affidavits from president

Documentation needed for the society registered address

  • Proof of registered office
  • The latest utility bill as proof is required
  • NOC from the owner of the premises

Society Registration Process

  • First, you need to select a unique name for your society
  • Drafting of MOA and By-Laws
  • Registration of society
  • PAN, TAN and Bank A/C

Benefits of Society Registration

  • Society is treated as a separate legal entity once it is registered
  • A society will be entitled to income tax exemption
  • Society members are not liable for any debt or obligations personally until and unless the debt is attained for activities accepted to make a profit. Or the activities that are undertaken are of illicit nature
  • Society has the right to lease, sell, or buy a property and also borrow money in its own name.

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