Transport Companies Not in Profit

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Transport Companies Not in Profit

Why Do Most of The Transportation Companies Are Not Making Good Profit in India?

Getting into a business is not difficult making a good profit and staying successful is challenging. The transportation and logistics business is one of the most profitable businesses in India. At the same time, it is highly competitive.

Many entrepreneurs fail to survive due to a lack of knowledge and other reasons.

Running a truck on the road and running a successful business are different things.

If you are getting into any business including, the transportation and logistics business, you have to be prepared to face many situations and faceoff your competitors.

The trucking companies and transportation business is a high-risk market with high returns. But without any market research and targeted customers, your business will be directionless. Your competitors can easily hunt and kick you out. Every business suffers losses but, few can overcome this loss and step towards success. Riding a truck alone is not sufficient to establish a successful transport company. Finance and other factors also affect your business in terms of profit and loss.

Here are some reasons why most of the transportation companies are not making a good profit and tips to make your transportation business a success:

1. Lack of planning:

Every business including, transportation companies, needs lots of planning and research before jumping into the market. It is the key reason why most rucking and transportation companies are not making a good profit. A business plan includes budgeting and cash flow management. Planning and forecasting let you know the status of your business in the upcoming years.

A business plan prepares you, taking strategic decisions when you are stuck in the middle of something. Planning helps you decide the charges for your service, market rate, operating cost, employee management, and how to deal with the particular obstacles rooting your path to success. You can take help from someone knowledgeable. You can also prefer transportation business plan templates instead of managing them all by yourself.

2. Lack of market research:

Market research lets you know your competitors and compare the rates with similar companies. Market research is necessary to run a business. If you are charging more rates than your competitors, then you can probably lose your customer. Before deciding your rates, you should consider market rates and other expenses incurred like operational cost, cash flow, etc. market research also helps you know the real-time status of your business in the market.

3. low charging rates:

It is expensive to maintain and run a transportation company. Many transportation companies including, Trucking companies, develop a perception that charging less would attract more customers and fall in the end. Charging less rate will not make sufficient profit to run your business. To stay profitable, you should consider many factors before deciding the correct rate for your service.

Charge the sufficient rate per mile-high enough to get you a good profit and good enough to persuade customers. Before deriving rates for your service, consider the operational costs, cash flow statements, and other factors.

4. Low paying frights:

No business can survive when operational costs are more than the revenue generated. Consider fright services to get more paying frights and operational charges like fixed and variable costs.

To stay profitable, you should consider the costs impacting your revenue.

Fixed costs include insurance, permit, truck payment, and variable costs are fuel costs, toll tax, surcharges on every load. Manage and check all your profit and loss statements, income and expenditures, cash flow statements, and adjust your quotes according to your budget.

5. Low cash flow:

Running a business without considering cash flow is the biggest mistake one can make. Cash flow can be affected by several factors like low paying frights, no record of incoming and outgoing money, high operational costs, improper budgeting, unpaid invoices, etc. Many customers take months to pay invoices, and the trucking or transportation companies have to manage on their own till the invoices get paid. Controlling the money to pay utility bills, fuel insurance premiums, pay suppliers, and other operational costs can become difficult.

To run your business smoothly, you should manage your cash flow and financial statements. Keep an eye on all the cash flow statements, incoming and outgoing money. By keeping a regular update of financial statements can ensure that your expenses do not exceed revenue.

6. Non-compliance:

Non-compliant can result in a heavy burden of penalties and sometimes result in shut down by DOT.

To save from such fines and headaches, you should encourage safe driving and provide regular training to drivers and staff. Writing a safety plan and procedure for staying legal can save you from penalties from non-compliant.

7. Back office management:

Choosing the right and efficient back office team is also a key to growth. You can not make sufficient profit if you do not have good managing staff. Make your team based on required qualifications and skills. Prepare a memorandum for qualification and abilities for their hiring.


Transportation companies including, Trucking companies, should try to avoid the problems discussed above to make a good profit. Success depends on the strategies and plans. Calculations and figures are most important for a business to be profitable and successful.

Managing a business like transportation and logistic business by yourself can be hectic and time-consuming whether you have a small business or large fleet. Every entrepreneur is not a finance expert. It becomes hard to manage all the financial statements by yourself. Try to consider a financial expert or business plan templates.

Adopt a Business plan for the transportation company to manage its finance, analyzing business performance, causes of losses, cash flow, income statements, etc.

A business plan can make all your work easy and help you manage your cash flow statements, income statements, and other required data, and give accurate results.

A business plan can help you to forecast and know the real-time financial status of your company. It can evaluate your company’s performance and assist you in strategic decisions. 

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